Monday, September 17, 2012

5 Simple Improvements that Add Value to Your Home Prior to Selling

Today's article is a Guest Post by my friend Sam from Saint Louis, MO.

With real estate on the rebound, people look to jump back in the business, while getting the most out of selling their homes. Selling a house can be a difficult process, since potential buyers have become more selective, risk averse and demand higher quality for the money they will put down on a home. Although this buyer’s skepticism has added pressure on sellers to produce and promote quality houses for sale, hope is on the horizon for selling and buying with confidence. If houses are worthy to buyers, then sellers won’t have a problem getting back in real estate and getting those listings sold.

One mistake sellers make, in an attempt to save money, time or both, is trying to sell a house that isn’t ready. Producing a house that buyers will want to buy is the proper way to sell. It’s essential to create something buyers will want and not force them into believing a house is right for them. This only feeds the buyer’s skepticism and will be counterintuitive down the road for the seller’s intent on saving time and money.

The following home improvements can redeem sellers’ houses for sale. However, these enhancements are under the assumption that larger problems homes normally face are already fixed, such as foundation damage, pest problems, and even mold and mildew infiltrations. The improvements below are typically economical and easier to implement instead of solving the previous, more challenging problems. They’re considered to be additions that add value above the average cost, rather than home problem resolutions than keep your home at its base value.

Create Comfortable Lighting: Lighting sets the mood of a home. Any home with unappealing or harsh lights will distract the potential home buyer of being comfortable. A home needs to be an invitation of relaxation. Take a coffee shop, for instance, or any atmosphere of a restaurant. The lighting is typically low key, creating a cozy atmosphere. People don’t want to be distracted from their meals. The same applies to a home.

Make It Look New: Throw up a new coat of paint, vacuum the carpet and clean everything. I mean everything. People love clean, tidy living quarters. It reduces stress. Otherwise, it’s only sidetracking them from the rest of the home.

Plant a Colorful & Lively Exterior: Plant some flowers and other greenery out front. The outside is the first thing buyers will see. It’s a first impression, so take advantage and give them a reason to want to see the inside of the house.

Ensure Energy Efficiency: A home will be one of the most expensive purchases in someone’s lifetime. Anything that will save them money along the way will only be beneficial. Ensure that windows and doors are energy efficient, upgrade to energy star appliances and install CFL’s. Sometimes it’s the small things that entice people.

Eliminate Odors/Add Refreshing Scents: People want to feel refreshed and even enticed upon entering a home. An odor-free or appealing scent will be beneficial for buyers feeling comfortable or “at home” while looking at a house.

These improvements will allow sellers to add value to their houses for sale without having to put much effort and, in some cases, much money into the projects. Sellers should be proud of the homes they are selling, while buyers shouldn’t feel skeptical of buying a home. With quality houses for sale, buyers and sellers will have the confidence to continue with a purchase or sale, leaving both parties content.

Author Bio: Samuel Ott is a writer for STL Real Estate, a leader in buying and selling real estate in St. Louis, Missouri area.